Dookay is an innovative service company with innovative spirit and motivation.
Through innovation in mode, system, technology, tools and design, we help enterprises to explore and solve their own problems, and bring good changes to people's work and life in different industries and fields.

1000+ Changes

We have helped our clients make more than 1000 changes in various fields.

Polaris Industries Inc.
Let China Find the Life Style of Indian Motorcycle
Brand planningMedia Advertising

Indian Motorcycle and Victory Motorcycle are the two member brands admired by people under Polaris Industries Inc.For every member of the Polaris family, making the product a masterpiece is not only a conscientious work, but also a life belief!

We work with the Polaris team to spread this concept and lifestyle in China.Together, we bid farewell to Victory Motorcycle with tears and greeted Indian Motorcycle with a smile.

Experience “Active School” on Mobile Phone
Service designOnline Products Develop

Since 2013, Nike has cooperated with the Ministry of Education in the "Active School" project to actively promote the development of school sports.So far, more than 3,800 schools and 1 million students in 25 provinces have benefited from the "Vigorous Campus" project.

We are honored to be able to use the Internet with the Nike team to help Chinese physical education teachers establish communication and exchange with the world's advanced national physical education teachers, bringing more scientific and interesting changes to Chinese physical education.

500+ Clients

We have served more than 500 clients from all over the world to help them make their own changes.

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